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Adoption Procedures:

 Bengal Cat Rescue is not taking in cats for the forseeable future.  We continue to offer advice and to help other rescues find homes for Bengal cats.

If you are looking to adopt a Bengal, try the Bengal Cat Club or the Ocicat and Bengal Cat Club who both help find homes on a regular basis.

There are a few Bengal forums around, but be careful.  Many people have adopted a cat who was rehomed as having no problems and turned out to have several and some serious ones.

Don't rule out your local Cat's Protection League or general cat rescue.  Although some don't take Bengals, some do and people often don't think to ask.  Even Battersea has rehomed Bengals.

Occasionally breeders may rehomed cats no longer wanted for show or breeding.  Whilst some of these are fine, do ask questions as to whether they have ever lived in a house or with other animals.

Ask if you are not sure.  A Bengal can be a rewarding, lively companion, whatever age you adopt.

Any cats we know of that need a home we will feature on our new facebook page.



Consider a Older Bengal Cat.

Adopting a Older Bengal is very rewarding! Older Bengals are just as likely to bond with their human companions, and they are set in personality - no surprises on how the Bengal will turn out later on when he/she reaches adolescence!