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Behaviour Advice

Behaviour problems can range from aggression to nervousness and can affect skin and digestion and produce soiling and aggressive behaviour.  Modern methods improve all the time but treating Bengals can be specialised.  They generally respond well to training but always check with your vet to make sure there is no hidden illness or injury that is causing the problem.

If you have any specific behaviour issues with your Bengal, you can contact a Behaviourist, they will charge for this service and many require Veterinary References.   Take the advice of your vet in finding someone reputable or a breed or rescue club.

Debbie is our Behaviour Consultant but please don't expect to get unlimited support at no cost for your specific feline issues. Her work is her income so you will be charged for advice beyond an initial phone call. We are very lucky to have her volunteering for BCR.  Help sheets can be made available by email if you ask.

Do not rely on advice from anyone not experienced with the breed.  Just because someone owns one or two or even if they have bred a litter, it does not make them experts and many problems have been made worse by using these sources.

 Call:  0208 1445799
Debbie Connolly as seen BBC3 "Dog Borstal" and in many print and online magazines click on logo or see SafePets website

Discounts available to owners of cats adopted from Bengal Cat Rescue

Phone/email consultations (Skype available too for overseas customers)

Current cost 40 for consult and a month  of support and advice pack.