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Please keep in mind that we are volunteers and hold down full time jobs alongside doing our best for the Bengal Cats needing our help.

To email us simply click on our names.

You can contact us on

Sarah: Please email in the first instance 

We are experiencing a large number of people wanting to surrender/rehome their Bengals currently, and cannot take any cats in at the moment.. Apologies, please contact your cat's breeder in the first instance (many have signed a code of conduct with their Breed Club which means they will help to rehome) alternatively you can contact the Bengal Breed Clubs Directly for assistance see the surrendering page for more information.

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Our behaviour consultant may be able to give you some initial free advice, but please understand that this is a professional service, not part of the rescue directly.

Debbie Connolly, Behaviour Consultant  0208 1445799 or SKYPE safepetsuk

If you require behavioural advice you can contact Debbie Connolly, our behaviour consultant.  Debbie is an experienced cat and dog behaviourist and will be happy to talk through any issues.  Discounts are available on her professional fees for owners who have adopted a Bengal from us.

Debbie:   0208 1445799

Or visit her website

Phone/email consultations 40, worldwide via Skype

Please see the behaviour advice page and the surrendering your cat page to get rehoming advice.

Breeders, clubs and independent volunteers are your best port of call.

Always contact your breeder first.  If reputable, they will take back their cat and find a good home.